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LSInc Announces New Accounting System

Arlington, Virginia, 1 February 2016: Logistics Support, Incorporated (LSInc) is pleased to announce the successful migration from their Deltek accounting system to SYMPAQ at a cost avoidance of approximately $40,000 per year.  Considering LSInc’s ever-changing business environment, the company looked at where they are today and how best to achieve their future goals and remain competitive.  For a small business, LSInc has become a very complex business.  LSInc’s workforce is as diverse as many multi-national corporations; employing military subject matter experts, long shoremen, heavy equipment mechanics, bio-medical instructors and as well as on-site administrative/technical support and shipboard mechanics.  The Company is currently in 19 states as well as Diego Garcia and Korea.  In order to support their fast pace global environment, the Company has consistently looked for the most cost effective solutions to deliver services and products to their customers in a very cost effective manner.  After looking at various options and measuring total cost of ownership, along with how best to meet the needs of LSInc both now and in the future, SYMPAQ was selected, with flexibility being a key element in their selection process.


About Logistics Support Incorporated:
LSInc offers expertise in a broad range of management consulting, logistics and supply chain management, and professional services, among other functional areas.  Please visit for more information.