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Transportation Management and Shipping

For your big challenges, we get it there, on time, on budget, anywhere on Earth

TransportThis story is typical of LSInc’s proven track record in Transportation Management. We are experts at helping our customers assure that material is available when and where it is needed. From meeting routine transportation requirements to handling emergency shipments, we facilitate the process. By air, rail, ocean and highway, if a way exists to make the delivery, we find it.

LSInc recently partnered with Intermodal FCL, Inc. (IFCL). IFCL is a transportation, warehousing, and supply chain management business based in Huntersville, NC. IFCL’s mission statement is “Connecting our strategic partners to the global marketplace through superior and innovative supply chain management solutions.” Through our combined capabilities, there is no transportation challenge too large or complex.

LSInc works with the military services and private sector transporters, plus state and other federal agencies. For the last five years, LSInc has served as the Naval Sea Systems Command (NAVSEA) Transportation Officer. In this role, we are responsible for providing the full spectrum of transportation advice, support and service. We have moved critical outsized cargo, hazardous and sensitive material and the more mundane material that the U.S. Navy requires.

Benefits That Deliver—Time After Time

Proven results. LSInc provides the in-house expertise and experience to manage any transportation need. Customers routinely call us to solve the most difficult transportation challenges.

On time, just in time. Our 24/7 support assures that your delivers arrive on time to meet your schedule. We can also help you meet just-in-time delivery requirements.

Global. We assure deliveries of material anywhere you need them shipped.

Emergency and disaster response. We supply the 24/7 transportation staff and services needed to support emergency and disaster response operations.

Cost-effective. LSInc has successfully controlled transportation costs for its customers, consistently keeping them within their budgets.

Experienced staff. Our team is professional, competent and highly skilled, offering extensive experience with military, government and industry transportation operations.

Advanced tools and techniques. We employ state-of-the-art traffic management IT tools and apply door-to-door cargo transport quality control techniques.

Full-Service Capabilities

NavyCODLSInc provides coordination of vehicle maintenance programs; ensuring sufficient numbers of vehicles on hand for operations; performing and maintaining an inventory of vehicles located at each jurisdictional area; reviewing and analyzing vehicle usage reports and recommending transfer of vehicles between jurisdictional areas to ensure economical and proper usage. Additionally, we maintain records of discrepancies, document and report damage, maintain records of damage and repair, and advise when vehicles require replacement due to either damage or reaching service life end.

LSInc serves as the NAVSEA Traffic Manager (TM) and coordinates the transport of mission sensitive shipboard material on a daily basis. During 2012, LSInc successfully coordinated the transport of 88 ship and submarine propellers and propeller blades and blade sets, 48 hubs and oil distribution boxes, 65 propeller shafts, 6 CIWS and DDG-1000 gun mounts, 1 VA Class Rotor, 1 DDG-1000 Class Magazine, 1 DDG-1000 Class Deck House, 2 DDG-1000 Class PVLS units, 2 Sonar Domes, 1 Antenna, 3 LCAC Engines, and the transport of various other ship and submarine major components in response to urgent Fleet material supply and readiness requirements. Additionally, the LSInc TM provides effective packaging, handling, and transportability (PHT) oversight of each cargo transport mission, thus ensuring the Navy receives the safest, most secure, highest quality and best value service at an estimated cost savings $5 to $8 million annually.