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Supply Chain Management


LSInc provides supply support for a variety of customers including Navy and Coast Guard. Our support includes material handling, warehousing, shipping, transportation, customer service, project supervision and general supply support. Additionally, we conduct technical screening and stock checks, process invoices and issues, expedite and research material, and perform material kitting services.


LSInc’s Supply-Chain Management SMEs work closely with the NAVSEA/NAVSUP Enterprise and the Fleet to address both the financial and material support impact regarding the allowancing & outfitting of Fleet units via the Automated Shore Interface (ASI) process under the newly implemented Re-Engineered Maritime Allowance Program (ReMAD) and ERP.  Following a protracted stoppage of the ASI process and allowancing of Fleet units, it has become necessary to prudently control and manage the re-baselining of ship/shore allowances employed to re-start ASIs.  The latter has created outfitting requirements in excess of budgeted funding levels.  LSInc SMEs have been instrumental in designing/developing and coordinating the implementation of a prioritization process which identifies critical outfitting requirements that should be funded – effectively controlling the obligation/execution of limited outfitting funds accordingly.