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Inventory and Material Management

An LSInc Core Competency:SAMSUNG

LSInc has provided inventory and material management support to a broad range of customers since our inception in 2001.  Our objective: ‘quantitative cost savings and improvement to readiness’ for our customers.

LSInc provides broad expertise and the capabilities to effectively and efficiently support your readiness requirements. Our services and support ensure that material is available when and where it is needed — and that your maintenance infrastructure meets all program and mission objectives. Today, LSInc focuses on the material and maintenance management requirements of Department of Defense logistics systems and programs.

Material Benefits

Reduced costs. We help customers lower operating costs, and Total Ownership Costs (TOC), by enabling them to obtain, manage and maintain material more efficiently.

Improved readiness. Our products and services help increase readiness across your entire operation or enterprise, through improved accountability, total asset visibility, and optimized efficiencies and effectiveness.

Material Management Capabilities

Support Highlights:

shutterstock_132705305LSInc has supported the NAVSEA ERP Program Office on the transition of Operating Materials and Supplies (OM&S), previously termed “Sponsor-Owned Material (SOM)”, from legacy logistics/material management IT systems to Navy ERP.  LSInc efforts supported the physical validation and data cleansing of over 383-thousand material records valued in excess of $5.1 billion dollars to date.  LSInc also maintained a key role in the disposal of excess material to preclude that OM&S from remaining on the Government’s financials after ERP ‘go live’.  Corrections have been made to over $1.1 billion dollars of material records during this process to date, and 96-thousand records of material valued in excess of $405 million have been identified and added, this is material that was not previously visible beyond the local sites.  In one year alone, LSInc  conducted the demilitarization (DMIL) and disposal of over $1 billion dollars of excess material.  Of that, millions of dollars were ‘A condition’ material made visible and accessible to the Fleet for redistribution.

These efforts greatly relieved the workload for Naval Warfare Center personnel on both logistics/inventory management and on ERP transition requirements.  Additionally, LSInc work supported the identification of over $2.9 billion dollars of material record corrections during the transition to Navy ERP.