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Information Technology (IT) Management

LSInc’s SMEs work closely with NSLC in coordination with the NAVSEA Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Business Office (NEBO), the Navy Automated Identification Technology (AIT) Program Office, the Navy ERP Program Office (PEO-EIS), and the Naval Warfare Centers in the transition from legacy logistics systems to Navy ERP. LSInc SME’s conduct site surveys for the planning and deployment of AIT and to establish the most efficient SAP Warehouse Management (WM) configuration.  Additionally, they support the transition of Operating Materials and Supplies (OM&S) inventory records from the various legacy systems (ILSMIS, MIMS, SWIMS, and others) to Navy ERP by conducting extraction, transformation, and loading (ETL) into the Navy ERP data conversion process.

The Logistics Division is comprised of self-motivated SMEs specifically selected to support technical requirements in these additional functional areas: