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Engineering, Maintenance, and Material Readiness

shutterstock_127598342LSInc provides Architectural and Engineering technical services through proficiency in Computer Aided Design (CAD), RS Means estimating software, and preparation, review and verification of accuracy of as-built drawings.  We draft plans and perform engineering calculations; develop, maintain and update the CAD data file library; and prepare a variety of maps and drawings of neighborhoods and homes. Additionally, LSInc provides technical and maintenance support in the overhaul and repair of Navy’s SH-60, Cobra, AH-1 and UH1N helicopters, Army UH-60, AH-64 and other aircraft and component programs as well as preventive maintenance.  We also provide preventive maintenance, general maintenance and repair shutterstock_6962467(M&R), alterations, renovation, and interior minor construction of facilities including install equipment, refrigeration units, and heating/ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) systems.  Our support involves a mix of management, supervisory, and maintenance skills, to perform scheduled preventative maintenance and regular and unscheduled maintenance and repair of facilities, equipment, and components.  We also provide technical engineering support to sustain the Degaussing Test Range and Magnetic Calibration of U.S. Naval ships, and Coast Guard vessels.

LSInc SMEs supported NAVSEA and the four Naval Shipyards on several BRAC study groups; working with shipyards, DLA, NAVSUP and Naval Air Systems Command (NAVAIR)/Commander Fleet Readiness Center (COMFRC) and Navy Fleet Readiness Center (FRC) aviation depots to implement the BRAC Supply consolidations in Navy. The goal is to ensure that DLA keeps the focus that required NSY material must always be available when needed; to support non-stop execution of work by the shipyard mechanics at the waterfront. LSInc also supported an extensive Submarine material data analysis with DLA Columbus and the four Naval Shipyards that enabled DLA to get approval and funding to spend $3.5M on extra stocking levels on a specific list of high importance Submarine Class 688 stock numbers. This material will now be available when the shipyards order and will avoid shipyard production delays or tedious and expensive open purchase efforts to obtain these unique items when needed.