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Acquisition and Sustainment

Logistic support is evolving to a higher level of integrated support from the earliest stages of an acquisition program development through delivery, fielding, operational support and finally disposal.  This evolution is supported by LSInc associates providing management and leadership support to improve governance of the Logistics career field and competency management.  LSInc associates help improve the development of professional logisticians that enhance the acquisition program’s logistic execution.  Through improved education & development and through improved processes, logistics is designed into the acquisition of weapon system program.

Logistics professionals must fully understand the latest acquisition logistics policies and processes. Product Support Management (PSM) is providing the ‘teeth’ to ensure logistics elements (the new IPS elements) are considered up front and early in today’s programs. LSInc has provided support  in updating and improving NAVSEA’s Integrated Product Support (IPS) portal in Navy Knowledge Online (NKO); created a list of DoD, DoN, SYSCOM reference links for each IPS element and a list of Subject Matter Experts (SMEs); created links to IPS training and useful websites to provide a ‘one-stop’ IPS element reference center.shutterstock_126268616

LSInc’s Acquisition and Sustainment Logistics/IPS SMEs developed the Independent Logistics Assessment (ILA) process management and lessons-learned tool for NAVSEA/NAVSUP, and successfully applied it to ILAs for numerous Acquisition and Deployed Fleet units/programs. Our SMEs are also applying the ILA Process Management Tool’s trend analysis capabilities to develop logistics lessons-learned at the SEA/SUP corporate level. LSInc continues to leverage this IT application to establish and maintain metrics on the overall conduct (and results) of SEA/SUP major ACAT ILAs, both at aggregate and program-specific levels, identifying trends and conducting risk analysis to help Program Mangers identify supportability cost-drivers and target their acquisition investments to optimize life cycle savings effectively reducing Fleet Total Ownership Cost (TOC) by enforcing best logistics practice during the acquisition phase.

LSInc provides strategic planning support and analysis specific to enhancing the governance and authority aspects to integrate acquisition and operational logistics earlier into programs.  The better foundation to establish sustainment costs in design as a key open architecture and business solution that improves overall cost performance as the weapon system is fielded.

The Logistics Division is comprised of self-motivated SMEs that we carefully select and place in supporting client’s logistics and technical requirements in these additional functional areas: