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Who we are

Logistics Support, Incorporated (LSInc) is a premier global provider of responsive management consulting, logistics solutions, and professional services, delivering quantifiable cost savings and improvement in mission readiness to our customers.

Achieve our Mission

Deliver innovative solutions to our customers through the application of best business practices at best value by cultivating a creative, flexible, professional work force within an associate-ownership culture.

Accomplish our Goals

  • Be known for responsive customer service, intense attention to detail and successful results
  • Provide creativity, responsiveness and productivity as our cornerstone capabilities
  • Anticipate new trends and directions and apply tomorrow’s solutions today
  • Leverage our DoD expertise to provide innovative business solutions to future customers
  • Foster entrepreneurial behavior and encourage professional/intellectual curiosity and professional growth

Espouse our Values

  • Maintain the highest ethical standards081210-N-1082Z-029
  • Empower Associates with decision making authority
  • Recognize that our Associates are our most important asset
  • Recognize Associates’ performance and worth
  • Create a working atmosphere that is free from fear
  • Treat both customers and Associates with dignity & respect
  • Promote good relations with the community
  • Maintain continuous process improvement with all customers
  • Encourage teamwork – Ensure Associates have equal employment opportunities
  • Provide strong focus on both near-term as well as long-range objectives

Our company was established in 2001 by providing Navy clients support in numerous Logistics functions which became our foundation as reflected in our name, Logistics Support Incorporated, (LSInc). Logistics is what we do; Logistics is who we are; and Logistics is mirrored throughout all our Corporate Service Groups.

LSInc has built an outstanding reputation for providing world-class quality logistics products and services at best value. Attention to detail, innovative and creative problem solving, and responsiveness are our cornerstones. LSInc has earned a tremendous performance position within the Logistics Community, and this success is based on literally decades of hands-on experience of our Subject Matter Experts (SMEs).