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Quality Assurance Program

The intent of this Logistics Support Inc.’s Quality System is to provide a framework for corporate oversight of the delivery of our product to the federal government and commercial clients with associated supporting internal support processes.


With increasing awareness of the need to standardize our processes, Logistics Support Incorporated (LSInc) has aligned our quality system with the ISO 9001:2008 quality management criteria.  The scope of LSInc’s quality program is to develop efficient and repeatable internal processes that will provide the highest quality services to commercial and military customers.

Our Quality System demonstrates our dedication to providing world-class service and our continuing commitment to provide the highest level of service.  LSInc strives to enhance customer satisfaction through the application of the system and the assurance of conformity to customer satisfaction while meeting all applicable regulatory and statutory requirements.

LSInc is committed to our Quality Management System, and to continually improving its effectiveness.  In order to achieve this we have established a quality policy and objectives, which have been reviewed with our applicable Associates.  We have communicated to them the importance of meeting not only our own objective but also our customer’s objectives while meeting all regulatory and statutory requirements.

LSInc’s Quality Management System

  • Complies with the terms of the contract
  • Meets all applicable regulatory and statutory requirements
  • Improves the management of the organization

Our Quality Management System details our internal processes controlling

  • Bid and proposals from opportunity identification through proposal submission
  • Pricing as a component of the proposal process
  • Post award transition
  • Contract management

Our Quality Management System is structured to comply with all of the conditions set forth in the International Standard ISO 9001:2008.


LSInc’s Mission Statement

Logistics Support Incorporated (LSInc) is a global provider of responsive management consulting, logistics solutions, and professional services, delivering quantifiable cost savings and improvement in mission readiness to our customers. It is our mission to deliver innovative solutions to our customers through the application of best business practices at best value by cultivating a creative, flexible, professional work force with an employee-ownership culture.

LSInc’s Quality Policy

LSInc’s primary objective is customer satisfaction.  We are committed to achieving the highest levels of quality performance so that we may consistently meet or exceed the requirements of our customers.  We are committed to a program of continuous improvement of our Quality Management System so as to assure its ongoing suitability to meet the requirements of our organization and of our customers.


The Executive Management Team will review the quality policy annually to determine the policy’s continuing suitability for our organization.

We will ensure Customer Satisfaction by:

  • Meet customer requirements by complying with the deliverables of the contract.
  • Maintain continuous improvement with all customers through various process improvement   assessments and analysis which are provided to the customer for evaluation.
  • Ensure Associates understand the organization’s goals and strategies and how and when to implement those strategies to better meet the customer requirements.


Monitor Performance:

  • Assess the quality of our product through received customer surveys/questionnaires.
  • Number of new customers acquired and attrition of customer to include the reason for attrition.
  • Obtain direct customer feedback through frequent interaction with the customer.