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Past Performance

Program Management, Outfitting and Material Management Support (3.10, 3.11, 3.13, 3.16, 3.17, 3.20, 3.21)

N00178-05-D-4431/EH02, EH05; 12/23/2005 – 12/16/2015
Total Contract Dollar Value $15,809,497
 Gloria Pando-Terrill (202)781-1784

LSInc, as prime contractor has been providing a wide range of ILS support to the Navy for over 8 years on this, and the subsequent recompete SeaPort Task Orders. This includes base plus 5 years on EH02, then a successful recompete (EH05) that we continue to support today. Successful management of various ILS support requirements for both NAVSEA and NAVSUP entities, (Note: in 2011, SEA04L was realigned to two organizations, SEA04FM and NAVSUP N00AL), outstanding CPARS, performance-based award terms, and a successful recompete competitively solicited highlight this past performance. LSInc, provides ILS Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) and Professional Management support in all areas under NAVSEA 04L’s sphere of responsibility, including specifically the integration of policies and procedures of the three division branches (Logistics Resources Management, Outfitting Processes and IT Resource Management) into a coherent corporate approach executing Fleet outfitting and material support requirements. Due to LSInc’s outstanding performance providing cost avoidances/savings and improving readiness in these areas, we successfully earned the competitive recompete award for another base plus four years. During our recompete efforts, we were concurrently supporting realignment planning for several acquisition logistics functions to transfer from NAVSEA to NAVSUP.  We are now supporting both NAVSEA and NAVSUP, providing critical coordination and integration on these shared SYSCOM ILS requirements that have so many Navy stakeholders, especially Fleet customers.

As outlined above, SeaPort Prime Task Order (EH02) was successfully accomplished and re-competed (EH05) with outstanding CPARs and customer loyalty that outstanding performance brings. Specific areas include ILS governance and policy support; lead for NAVSEA’s Sponsor Owned Material (SOM), now termed OM&S/Government Owned Material (GOM) Program Management, and Logistics Assessments. LSInc SMEs are providing outstanding support services in program management, financial management, industrial support, ILS, material management and direct fleet support, as well as support to SEA 04’s numerous outfitting and material management programs. For NAVSUP N00AL, LSInc continues to provide Acquisition and Logistics policy for NAVSEA missions.

Inventory and Material Management Support (3.10, 3.11, 3.13, 3.16, 3.17)
N00178-05-D-4431-EH04; 02/26/2010 – 11/30/2014
Total Contract Dollar Value $28,710,675
Ronald Haley (202)781-5314

This Seaport Prime Task Order tasks LSInc to provide full-spectrum management of PEO LMW gear and equipment (NAVSEA-owned OM&S). LSInc manages a 40,000 square foot warehouse for this NAVSEA Program Office and provides a broad range of Supply Chain Management (SCM) support of AT/FP gear and equipment (issue, receipt, stow, kitting, shipping, disposal).  Lifecycle support and sustainability is a significant part of the requirement that we accomplish for (then) PMS-480, now PMS-408. Our experience managing, from working directly with the operators and requirements clients to identify “Best Valve” gear and equipment to the receipt, inspection, issue, inventory for replacement to the disposal is the tasking of this $28M prime contract. A previous contract (EH01) included similar requirements, and successfully re-competed and increased in scope due to our outstanding performance. “Perfect” (the highest scores) CPARS were received in every evaluation on this contract. Thus, we’ve been performing these services for the respective Program Offices for over seven years. This performance illustrates our competency managing a requirement of significant scope, management of subcontractors, and an understanding of Program Office functional requirement tasks we perform regularly. EH04 CPARs have been exceptional. LSInc conceptualized, implemented, and is currently executing the Individual Protective Equipment (IPE) pool program for PMS 480 to provide Life Cycle Management (LCM) of body armor and combat helmets. Tasks include receipt, assembly, issue and tracking body armor/ helmets issued to ships and expeditionary squadrons; refurbishment of post-deployment retrograde to include inspection, cleaning and repair of vests/soft armor inserts, radiographic inspection of hard armor plates using the Automated Inspection System (AIS), and inspection, cleaning and suspension system replacement for combat helmets. The IPE pool concept results in over 75% cost savings versus wholesale replacement improves fleet readiness and enhances the protection of sailors.